•  "My kid's were very prepared for Kindergarten, and I will always have fond memories of such a fine school. CEL is the BEST"

    Christine Silaika
  • “I was so impressed with the nurturing way the teachers approach each child and how quickly they knew exactly what my son's strengths and weaknesses were. In addition, they made sure he developed his skills according to his own abilities and strengths while targeting his weaknesses."

    Rhonda Becker
  • “CEL really understands the seriousness of a child with food allergies. They have policies and procedures in place to keep these children safe. They plan their lessons and activities accordingly so that all children can participate.".”

    Denise Carr
  • "Friendly teachers and staff. My son is comfortable and loves to learn at this school."

    Nicole Farnsworth
  • "A happy, safe, and enriching place for our kids to learn and grow."

    Jen Douglas
  • "CEL has given my kids the confidence they need to be problem solvers, the independence to think 'outside the box' and the social skills they need to be kind friends."

    The Buckingham's
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