Healthy Snack Policy:

Children need healthy snacks to help them grow and stay healthy. Snacking isn’t bad for kids, but what they snack on is important. It is the policy of the Center for Early Learning to serve healthy and nutritious snacks.

Parents provide snack for the class on a rotating basis. In an effort to provide students with the healthiest environment we can, we are encouraging you to provide only healthy snacks for school snacks, classroom parties and celebrations. If you give your child healthy snacks now, he or she will learn to make healthy food choices in the future. Please read the additional information on the other side of this letter to help you plan for and choose healthy snacks. We want your children (our students) to be the healthiest they can be!
Some healthy snack ideas:
Fresh fruit
Fresh Vegetables
Hummus or veggie dip
Baked tortilla chips and salsa
Whole-grain crackers
Low-fat string cheese
Yogurt smoothie
Whole-grain muffins or bagels
Nut Free Zone:
Nut Free Zone: We have children in our care who have an allergy to nuts, specifically peanuts. Children with more complicated, multiple food allergies are asked to bring their own individual snack.
Low Sugar:
Low Sugar: We will not serve cakes, cookies, cupcakes, or items with frosting. We also will not serve Jell-O or pudding. This policy is in effect for all classroom snacks including holidays and birthdays.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Please wash and cut all fruit/veggies before bringing them to school. This helps our teachers spend more time with the children. If it is a fruit that will not brown, please cut ahead of time. Fresh fruit cups and unsweetened applesauce are fine. Favorites: bananas, apples, grapes, oranges, melons and strawberries. Some fruits/veggies are a little more enticing to children when they are dressed up with other things such as cream cheese, veggie dip, or hummus. Yogurt also makes a good dip.
Cheeses and Yogurt:
Cheeses and Yogurt: Children generally prefer the softer, milder cheeses such as Cheddar, Colby or Monterey Jack. These may be sliced, cubed or the prepackaged string cheeses or cheese sticks. We suggest Stony Field Farm and Chobani yogurts, but not Go-Gurt due to its high sugar content.
Crackers/Rice cakes:
Crackers/Rice cakes: Please watch your labels. Many crackers contain sugar in high amounts. Generally, if sugar is listed in the first three ingredients, you can know that it contains too much (limit to less than 8 grams per serving). Favorites: baked crackers such Wheat Thins and pretzels, Cheese Nips, Cheese Its, plain Cheerios. No chocolate flavors.
Breads/Bagels: Any home baked recipes must be made from scratch and must come in with the recipe attached (no nuts, chocolate or peanut butter chips). We need to know all ingredients for our children with allergies. Many recipes call for sugar in great amounts that can be reduced to 3/4 of a cup or less. Store bought muffins and prepackaged muffins are not accepted.
Drinks: We will only serve water or 100% fruit juice.
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