Pre- Kindergarten

The Pre-K program offers an enriched experience in the care of adults trained specifically in Early Childhood to prepare children for success in higher learning. All of our programs provide a variety of fun and interesting experiences designed with age appropriate goals in mind. We understand that children grow and learn at different rates and in different ways. The Pre-K curriculum encourages children’s natural curiosity and provides opportunities for in depth exploration of many areas of interest.
3 Years, 9 Months - 5 Years, 8
Months Old
12-18 Class Size
9:1 Student To Teacher Ratio


To maintain a healthy and safe environment for exploration in all areas of the arts and sciences
To promote positive self esteem by encouraging self help skills and the development of new language
To model socially acceptable conflict resolution skills
To develop trusting, loving bonds with adults in addition to parents
To encourage physical confidence by providing a variety of activities in the classroom and the Creative Movement Room
To offer support to families through access to educational materials, workshops, monthly newsletters and parent-teacher conferences
To stimulate interest in literacy by providing a print rich environment
To have fun with new friends
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