Calendar of Events 2021-22
September 9                           Open House "Meet the Teachers"
September 13-17                    First week of Classes

October 8                               Staff Training--School Closed
October 11                              Indigenous People's Day--School Closed

November 11                          Veteran's Day--School Closed
November TBD                       Arts and Literacy Festival
November 24-26                    Thanksgiving Recess--School Closed

December 23- Dec 31            Holiday Recess--School Closed
January 3                                School Reopens
January 17                              Martin Luther King Jr Day--School Closed

February TBD                          Snowball Dance
February 21-25                       Winter Recess--School Closed

March TBA                             School Pictures

April 15-22                            Spring Recess--School Closed

May TBD                                Flower Fundraiser at Garden Time
May 27 & 30                          Memorial Day--School Closed

June 10                                  Last Day Friday Guided
June 14                                  Last Day for T/Th Guided, 2 IND
June 14                                  Pre-K Graduation
June 15                                  Last Day for M/W Guided, 3/4/5 IND, and Pre-K

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