Center for Early Learning is, and always has been, different from traditional preschools. Several key differences in our approach to preparing children for life-long learning set us apart.
CEL offers morning and afternoon classes throughout the Fall/Spring school year. These classes are divided into three age-specific programs.
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Classrooms and Programs
Guided Learners Classroom
12-18 Class Size
9:1 Student To Teacher Ratio
1 Years 6 Months - 2 Years, 8 Months Old
Guided Learners
Independent Learners Classroom
12-18 Class Size
7:1 Student To Teacher Ratio
2 Years 9 Months - 3 Years 8 Months Old
Independent Learners
Pre-Kindergarten Classroom
12-18 Class Size
9:1 Student To Teacher Ratio
3 Years 9 Months - 5 Years 8 Months Old
Enrichment and Summer Camps
Extended Care Classroom
Extended Care Program
Early Bird + Extended Care
Early drop off and late pickup options.
Extended Care
Enrichment Programs
Enrichment Programs
School Year Enrichment
Book Club, Music, Yoga, and more!
Summer Programs
Summer Programs
Morning Summer Camps
High quality, individualized program.
Summer Programs


We encourage our families to get involved with our school community. We invite them to serve on the various board committees, be involved with our fundraising efforts, field trips and other special events. We also invite parents to share their special or unique talents in music, art or shared cultural experiences by in- class visits at various times during the year.
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